About Oodles Energy Solutions

We provide and manage convenient, reliable EV charging for residential communities.

Oodles Energy is an established EV Charging as a Service (CaaS) solution designed specifically for the unique needs of Multifamily Communities.

What sets Oodles Energy apart

Uniquely focused on Multifamily Communities:

When it comes to installing and managing EV charge stations, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Every property has different electrical setups, parking layouts, resident needs, and equipment requirements. The Oodles team is here to help you make the right strategic decisions for your custom EV charging solution — and help you upgrade as those needs change.

A hands-off, Charging as a Service model:

Our Charging as a Service subscription model helps owners and property management get up and running quickly with low upfront costs. Oodles provides 24/7 support, proactive station monitoring, and on-site maintenance as needed.

Analytics and optimization:

Oodles helps property owners optimize power usage, enabling more cars to charge without expensive infrastructure upgrades. Oodles also provides reporting and analytics to track energy usage and revenue.

Residents pay per use:

Residents pay as they go with their Oodles account using a mobile app or an RFID card, with electricity and access rates set by the property owner in conjunction with Oodles.

Future-proofed infrastructure:

The charging stations are configured to receive automatic software updates via Oodles' cloud-based network management software, ensuring the infrastructure stays up to date. Oodles EV charging solutions are OCPP compliant.

The advantages of Oodles’ open standards-based charging network

Oodles’ open standards–based charging network software offers owners and property management firms flexibility and choice, paving the way for cost savings.

Since open systems offer the flexibility to mix and match charging hardware with network management systems on the backend, Oodles can select and recommend the best value charging stations from a variety of OCPP-compliant manufacturers based on each property’s needs — while keeping the day-to-day resident charging experience reliable and consistent.

Open networks enable interoperability, making it easy and cost-efficient to install new hardware that connects to Oodles’ existing network as technology advances, or as the needs of a multifamily residence expand.

The Oodles EV Charging Technology Stack

Oodles Energy Charging as a Service is built on a tried-and-tested stack of hardware and software technologies designed to provide an optimal experience for owners, property management firms, and their residents.

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