Charging with Oodles

How Charging as a Service Works

Oodles Energy offers Charging as a Service (CaaS) for property owners and property management. Our subscription-based model is ideal for teams looking to outsource the installation, operation, and ongoing maintenance of EV charging amenities for their multifamily residences.

Benefits of Charging as a Service

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No EV expertise required:

No prior knowledge of EV charging required. You prepare the site and Oodles Energy takes care of the rest.

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Low upfront costs:

Subscription-based model keeps upfront costs low, while providing ongoing support throughout the contract.

Hands-off support:

Oodles installs and commissions the EV chargers, monitors them 24/7, and covers ongoing maintenance as needed.

Hands-off resident billing:

Residents pay individually for the energy they use through Oodles, requiring no individual payment tracking for owners or property management.

À la carte options:

Owners and property management can select from a range of desired add-on services based on special property requirements.

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Owner Responsibilities

  • Site preparation: Upgrade electrical infrastructure (if required), ensure conduit and electrical cable are in place, and install concrete pads for pedestals if required.

  • Parking lot: Paint parking spaces, install signs, or implement other parking lot renovations as needed.

  • Electrical costs: Electrical costs are not included. Oodles Energy taps into existing power and reimburses property owners for the energy used for resident EV charging.

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