EV Charging Stations Are The Ultimate Amenity For Hotels

Oodles Energy
February 13, 2024

Oodles Energy co-invests in EV charging stations for hotels with a complete turnkey solution to make the hotels we work with a destination for EV families. 

Why Do Hotels Need EV Charging Stations?

A McKinsey report predicts 48 million EVs will be sold by 2030 in the United States. With the $5 billion National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program, part of the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the EV market is heating up. This has led to major automakers investing billions of dollars in all-electric models, the price of EVs dropping and adoption increasing.

According to Oodles CEO Keith Berger, “The U.S is in the midst of a massive transition to electrification and the availability of EV charging stations is a potential barrier Oodles Energy is working to solve. EV travelers will select hotel properties based on the availability of ev fast charging that will strip away range anxiety. Oodles Energy co-invests in EV charging stations to make our partners a destination for EV families. We see fast charging as the ultimate amenity. With 91,000 hotels in the United States, there is massive potential for growth.

Hotel Benefits From EV Charging

As the demand for EVs continues to grow, the demand for EV charging stations will also grow. This is a major opportunity for businesses and governments to invest in EV charging infrastructure and help to accelerate the transition to a clean transportation future.

Growing Demand

Electric vehicle adoption is exploding. In California alone, EV sales made up 16 percent of new vehicle sales in California in 2022. McKinsey estimates there will be 45 million EV drivers on the road by 2030. EV charging stations at hotels can attract and retain customers who drive EVs, a very loyal segment of drivers.

Additional Revenue

By offering EV charging, hotels can increase revenue by offering EV charging as a service. Businesses can charge a fee for using their EV charging stations. This is the most common way for businesses to generate revenue from EV charging. But for hotels with restaurants, studies show that EV drivers spend on average $37 at restaurants per charging session.

Competitive Advantage

Overall, there are a number of competitive advantages that hotels with EV charging stations can enjoy. By offering EV charging stations, hotels can attract more EV drivers, increase customer satisfaction, boost brand image, generate additional revenue, and qualify for government incentives.

Free Advertising

There are over 40 EV Charging station finder apps that enable hotels to list their property for EV drivers. his is a great way to let EV drivers know that you have chargers available. Plugshare alone gets over 3 million unique visitors per month.

Incentives & Rebates

There are a number of incentives available to help offset the cost of installing EV charging stations in the United States. These incentives can come from the federal government, state governments, utilities, and other organizations. Federal state and utility incentives for businesses make EV charging very affordable.

Premium Amenity 

Earn steady monthly income when guests charge up with our revenue-sharing pricing model. Earn on holidays, weekends, and even while your staff sleeps! 

In today's world, where electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, adding EV charging stations at hotels has become a necessity for several reasons. Firstly, it allows hotel guests who own electric cars to recharge their vehicles while staying overnight or during extended stays, ensuring they can continue their journey without the worry of running out of power. 

Secondly, this provides an opportunity for hotels to attract environmentally conscious customers who prefer accommodation that supports sustainable practices. By offering EV charging stations, hotels can show their commitment towards reducing emissions and promoting clean energy initiatives. Furthermore, as more governments encourage the use of renewable energy sources and promote sustainable transportation methods through tax incentives and rebates, having EV charging stations at hotels will help them stay ahead in the game by catering to these eco-conscious travelers' needs. 

Finally, installing EV charging facilities could potentially increase revenue streams for hoteliers by providing additional services such as paid recharging options or partnering with local utility companies to offer discounts on electricity bills - another attractive feature that would entice more guests looking for value-added amenities during travel.

Oodles Energy is your full-service equity partner in EV charging. For more information contact us at tom@oodlesenergy.com.

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