How the Largest Private Club in Florida Aims to Please Members and Protect the Environment with Oodles EV Charging

A commitment to member satisfaction, environmental protection, and sustainability led the GM of Florida’s largest private club facility to search for ways to lead in environmentally-friendly amenities its members would find helpful. Oodles was just the right partner to bring convenient, onsite EV charging to its club facilities.

Key Challenges

  • Local high-rise residences lack proper infrastructure for multiple charging spaces, leaving nearby members without access to at-home charging.
  • They are defending their title as one of the first “Greenest Clubs in America” while remaining committed to member satisfaction.


The largest private club facility in the state of Florida operates an expansive footprint of more than 2,000 acres of organic landscapes and nature preserves with two campuses, 4,000+ members, 600 employees, and roughly $50 million in revenue.

The facilities offer its members a variety of amenities in addition to award-winning golf, including tennis, pickleball, croquet, resort-style pool, lifestyle center, fitness center, restaurants, and luxury spa. The Club is surrounded by 3,300 homes in several neighborhoods and high-rise towers.

To defend its title as one of the first of the “Greenest Clubs in America,” the General Manager of The Club needed to find ways to stand out as an early adopter of environmentally-friendly amenities while remaining committed to member satisfaction.


The Club was introduced to Oodles EV charging by a member of its executive team in 2020. After a meeting with both teams, the GM had a hard time objecting to the benefits of installing EV chargers at its clubhouse.

“When others asked if we wanted EV chargers in the traditional format, the answer was no. Oodles offered something that we couldn’t get anywhere else.” 

Within weeks of giving the green light on EV charger installation, Oodles had installed two charging units near the main clubhouse, and members were charging up immediately.

Results and Success

The The Club has been thrilled with the benefits of its partnership with Oodles. As one of the most natural communities within the area, intentionally designed among nature preserves and self-sustained wildlife, The Club can continue to find innovative ways to protect the environment by installing EV chargers on site.

“One of The Club’s pillars is to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, but also financially sound. Half of the value of Oodles and what they offer is being recognized for being environmentally friendly and conscious.”

Oodles checks in on The Club every few weeks to ensure the chargers are working soundly and that members and staff are happy with the service. In this case, “no news is good news! Since installation, The Club only experienced one issue with the mobile app. Within 24 hours of contacting Oodles, Oodles resolved the issue.

“Customer service is critically important, especially in the hospitality industry. It’s what we do all day long, and we put a lot of value on service recovery. The one time we had a service issue, [the resolution] was immediate. Even the installation and contractual work were very accommodating. Their due diligence, understanding, and mutual interest have helped support this partnership.”

Members find it extremely convenient to charge their vehicles while they tee off, take a swim, or enjoy dinner. Members have initiated 151 charging sessions for a total of 382 hours of charging since Oodles launched at The Club!

What’s Next?

As demand from members grows, The Club’s GM is open to converting additional parking spaces to EV charging powered by Oodles.

In the future, The Club’s GM plans to transfer all golf course maintenance, including all-terrain vehicles, to battery-powered equipment. Though capacity and economics for battery-powered maintenance vehicles weren’t feasible until recent years, he says the conversion to electric, if done correctly, would save The Club in overhead costs spent on gas and other related utilities.

Similarly, the conversion to quieter, battery-powered lawn equipment would be a lifestyle enhancement for residents who live within The Club’s property. No one likes the sound of a giant gas mower in their backyard at 7:00 AM!


Thanks to Oodles EV charging, The Club can serve its record number of members, guests, and staff with convenient onsite charging while they golf, play tennis, dine, and even sleep!

Critical to its company values, The Club’s reputation as one of the “Greenest Clubs in America” remains intact as one of the first clubs to offer the service. At the same time, members are satisfied with the convenience of modern, eco-conscious amenities.

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