Common Misconceptions About Multifamily EV Charging

Oodles Energy
February 13, 2024

Here’s the truth about electric cars.

In Q2 of 2022, the market share of EV sales was at an all-time high—and these forward-thinking residents are looking to charge their vehicles at home, whether they rent or own. EV charging is quickly becoming an expected–and sometimes required–amenity. 

Properties offering EV charging-as-a-service are getting all the positive buzz. Yet, common misconceptions prevent owners and property managers from implementing this highly desirable offering. Until now.

Oodles is flipping the switch on all the myths about electric cars that might be holding you back. We’re tailored to the multifamily space; we understand the challenges and doubts that come with adding a new amenity. And we’re here to remove those roadblocks.

Misconception: There is no demand for EV charging within multifamily communities.

Fact: Many multifamily owners and property managers are under the impression an EV charging amenity is unnecessary because they haven’t seen many electric vehicles in their parking lots—but this is a case of “if you build it, they will come.” Currently, 80% of EV charging is done at home, and Forbes writes, “how easy it is to live with an electric car depends in part on how easy it is to juice up at home or at the office and how much it costs in those places.”

The truth about electric cars is demand is increasing rapidly—and so is the need for at-home charging. As EVs become less expensive and more available, more people will be interested in purchasing them—not only for the environmental benefits, but for costs and maintenance benefits as well. The EV drivers of today and tomorrow will be looking to ensure your building provides easy access to at-home charging. How many potential new residents are taking a pass on your property because you don’t offer this must-have amenity?

Misconception: The EV charger implementation process is too complicated.

Fact: The truth about electric cars is that implementing EV charging infrastructure is indeed complicated—it’s much more intricate than simply plugging in a refrigerator or installing a stove, for example. But that doesn’t mean you need to design and set up EV charging yourself.

Multifamily property owners don’t need to become experts in EV charging to offer it as an amenity. Our team reviews your current infrastructure to give you an accurate proposal with recommendations for equipment and electricity needs, plus tailored pricing for the whole package based on your specific needs, so you know what you’re spending before install day. Once it’s time to connect, charging services are up and running in a flash. 

When it comes to ongoing implementation, our service is turnkey. With our Charging as a Service (CaaS) model, properties pay only a subscription fee for operation, ongoing management, and driver support once the EV charger equipment is installed.

Misconception: Onsite EV chargers will disrupt office workflows and distract staff from their job priorities. 

Fact: Oodles is a totally turnkey solution. Once chargers are installed and plugged in, there’s nothing your staff is responsible for—no equipment management, no maintenance, no resident communication. Oodles handles driver billing, software updates, customer support, equipment management, and everything in between.

Misconception: EV charging infrastructure isn’t one-size-fits-all, and my equipment will become obsolete fast.

Fact: Accepting the truth about electric cars and their forever evolving technology is a hard pill to swallow. With EV technology advancing rapidly, many property owners are concerned about EV charging hardware becoming obsolete quickly. 

Luckily, we’ve got that covered. When it comes to equipment installation, we recommend the best use of space for your property’s infrastructure–tackling what you need now and what you’ll need down the line.

From a technical standpoint, Oodles Energy solutions are built on an open protocol called the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), quickly becoming the standard for interoperability worldwide. This open protocol is hardware-agnostic and is continually developed by global contributors, making it a future-proof choice. With an open system solution, owners can avoid proprietary hardware and allow for less costly updates as EV technology evolves. Plus, we handle all regular software updates on your equipment!

Misconception: EV charging doesn’t have a clear ROI.

Fact: Offering EV charging as an amenity provides multiple cost benefits, both short-term and long-term. In the short term, owners may benefit from state and federal rebates and subsidies for installing EV charging stations. Once installed, properties continue earning monthly revenue every time EV driver residents plug in and charge up through Oodles’ revenue-sharing pricing model.

In the long term, property managers will enjoy an increase in appeal by attracting new residents. As at-home EV charging becomes a key determining factor in the decision on where to live, offering this amenity will provide a competitive market advantage — increasing ROI for decades to come.

Busting Myths About Electric Cars with Oodles

The truth about electric cars is multifamily property residents need an easy and convenient way to charge their EVs. Hesitations and other myths about electric cars are untrue, thanks to the Oodles Energy solution for multifamily properties.

With Oodles Charging as a Service, properties will:

  • Earn monthly revenue when residents charge up with our revenue-sharing pricing model.
  • Make residents happy with convenient and affordable EV charging at home.
  • Plug in and go with a turnkey, hands-off solution for your staff.
  • Plan for recurring costs with a customized proposal that sets realistic expectations from the get-go.

If your hesitations have disappeared (or even if they haven’t!), we’re here to chat about making EV charging a valuable amenity on your multifamily property. Schedule a free consultation to hear about how other properties like you are enjoying EV charging from Oodles.

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